• Flashlight Media

    Started in 2004, we are a Full Stack Web Development firm offering our own CMS-driven websites for niche clients. We create expandable websites that handle high-volume users and provide our custom work clients with customer relationship management (CRM), sales management, multimedia management, transaction shopping carts, online educational support, and mobile web apps. Our custom work is specialized, from the ground-up creation of dynamic web pages for online clients such as virtual schools, to mobile web apps.

Who We Are
« Mark brings a unique set of skills and personality as a full stack web developer. With over 30 years of programming experience, his current focus is PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and AJAX. Mark's passion is database management software, with continued development of Mobile Apps, Shopping Carts, Online Education, CMS, Scheduling Solutions, and Podcast Delivery. He has over 20 years experience in web design and is fluent in HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Design. »

Mark Steitz Hamblen


« Alisha started her career in advertising at a FOX television affiliate, then on to an advertising agency working with local TV and print marketing for McDonald’s, Toyota and Borders. She became the in-house marketing director for a multi-million dollar real estate firm in Southern California, with her ads appearing in The Wall Street Journal. She has over 20 years experience in advertising, PR and graphic design, with over 15 years experience in HTML and UX.»

Alisha Steitz Hamblen